Introducing the Cryptopop Art Guild


  1. All the work we've been doing on and all the conversations I've been having with guild managers recently has inspired me to start my own guild. I wanted to put my own spin on it though, and I got the seed of the idea from the first scholar I'm bringing on board officially this week. Her name is Diane and a few days ago she sent me #axie fanart as a way to get my attention on Twitter. She couldn't afford proper gear yet, so the piece she sent me was finger-drawn on an old cracked Android phone. I think it looks pretty good! 

  2. So this week I'm kicking off the Cryptopop Art Guild, an #AxieInfinity play-to-earn program for underprivileged Filipino artists. Initially I thought I was just going to be funding it myself, but it turns out there are quite a few people in the #CryptoPH community interested to support this idea. I'm very happy to announce that YieldGuild co-founder Gabby Dizon, Binance's Director of Southeast Asia Goltra, blogger James Deakin, graphic designer AJ Dimarucot, and our friends at TeamManila have also agreed to add funds to the guild and help us support more artists! AJ and Team Manila have also generously offered some of their time as mentors to our artists as our numbers grow. (And I may have a thing or two to teach about NFTart, as well ;)

  3. How do you apply? It’s pretty simple. Just submit fanart that you created either on FB, on Twitter, or in the Cryptoday comments. It has to be signed by you! The specific style doesn’t matter, be as creative as you want. We will prioritize artists who take their work seriously, so please send in your best stuff!

  4. What’s the revenue share? We're allocating 50% to the artist/player, 10% to the manager, 40% to the investor. This is a slightly different ratio than what other guilds are giving, but my personal goal with this is to cycle the capital back into the guild so we can fund more scholars later on.

  5. If you’re selected, we’ll invite you to our private Telegram group, introduce you to the other artist players, and get you started within 48 hours. All new players have a chance to select the axie team they want to play from the marketplace, as long as they can stick to the budget. Right now that’s 0.3 ETH max per player. (This is purely optional though. It’s the preferred way for our players to get started because it encourages them to familiarize themselves with the game beforehand. If you're not confident with your choices, don’t worry, we can also point you in the right direction.)

  6. Please note that this guild is ONLY for underprivileged Filipino artists. There are already lots of general-purpose guilds out there. According to the archipelago map, there's at least 700! The mission of the Cryptopop Art Guild is to use its network to increase the visibility of its artists and eventually connect them with jobs in the arts and design industries (preferably, in the metaverse, of course!) The goal is NOT to create the next Top 100 Axie esports rockstars, but to generate enough regular revenue that these artists can eventually move on to become *actual* artists if that’s what they want to do.

See you on Friday, cryptofam! I never thought I’d say this, but I’m seriously hoping that I get spammed by art submissions over the next few days.