CryptoHeart and an ATH


  1. This is going to be a short one, folks. We’re moving to a new house here in La Union and I expect to be spending the next two days (a) re-wiring my studio and (b) figuring out how to install pet-gates throughout the new space. There are two main things that I wanted to talk about in my Cryptoday newsletter this morning, and the first is unsurprisingly the new all-time high Bitcoin price of $66,000 that we broke on Wednesday. This was obviously triggered by the Bitcoin Futures ETF which launched on Monday, and although the action has cooled down a lot now, it hasn’t retreated very far. Even from the current $62,000 range, it certainly seems like $70,000 is a reasonable target. (My Bitcoin milestone poster has been waiting for this moment since April, and I’m hopefuly that I may actually be able to reveal it soon.)

  2. The marketwide buying spree has spread across all the other cryptos as well, with Ethereum breaking $4,000 for the first time since May. Everything in my portfolio is heavily green, including my absurd punts like $CRO and $OHM, both of which I totally deserved to take a haircut on because I did zero diligence before buying in. I suppose this is the problem with constantly getting lucky in crypto trading; instead of teaching you to be prudent, it emboldens you to take greater and greater risks. It’s an inevitability that I will eventually get burned by these riskier trades, so don’t do what I’m doing!

  3. Speaking of lucky, my NFTart collaboration with Heart Evangelista is finally dropping soon. The two animated paintings have been in the works for several months now, and probably represent the biggest artistic departure I've ever attempted as “Cryptopop.” I’m especially looking forward to sharing the music of Rodel Colmenar of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra with all of you. The unofficial hashtag #CryptoHeart was first coined by my friend Raf Padilla, and I guess it’s really stuck. Heart isn’t the first Filipino celebrity to do an NFTart drop (that was x AJ Dimarucot back in May), but I guess you could argue that she’s the first one with a genuinely local following. (In case you’re wondering about that Manny Pacquiao NFT collection that they teased back in June, I couldn’t find any evidence that it actually happened.) I’ll be updating FB and Twitter over the next week as we start rolling out some of our content about the drop itself, and expect to have an exact date for the drop very soon.

That’s it for today, cryptofam! Sorry for the super brief Cryptoday, but as soon as I hit “Publish” I’m going to take apart my workstation. Have a great weekend everyone!